Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Being a football player may now become a dream of a promising career. Professional football player currently has always had a lot of money. They get high wages every week, sometimes even their transfer value would be beyond common sense. Let’s look at the list of top 10 costliest football players of all time.

10 Zinedine Zidane

costliest football player zinedine zidane Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is one of the best players of his generation, never won the best player in the world and the most expensive player for several years. Zidane’s success brings France to win the world cup 1998. Maybe you are surprised when I saw Zidane’s only ranked 10th in this list. But the transfer value used in this list is the accumulation value of the transfer of the player’s career.


AS Cannes to FC Girondins Bordeaux, € 7,000,000

FC Girondins Bordeaux to Juventus Turin, € 3,500,000

Juventus Turin to Real Madrid, € 73,500,000

Total transfer cost: € 84,000,000

9 Robinho

costliest football player robinho Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time


Robinho became one of the players that failed when it comes to Real Madrid, but then his career increased when Robinho playing for Manchester City with a fantastic transfer value


Santos FC to Real Madrid, € 24 million

Real Madrid to Manchester City, € 43,000,000

Manchester City to AC Milan, € 18,000,000

Total transfer cost: 85 million

8 Christian Vieri

costliest football player christian vieri Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Christian Vieri

Vieri is one of the best Italian strikers of his generation. After generations of Roberto Baggio. Vieri became one of the expensive strikers in the world. Currently he runs the fashion business with Paolo Maldini.

Atalanta Bergamo to Juventus Turin, € 2,500,000

Juventus Turin to Atletico Madrid, € 15 million

Atletico Madrid to Lazio of Rome, € 25,000,000

Lazio Roma to Inter Milan, € 45,000,000

Total transfer cost: € 87,500,000

7 Robbie Keane

costliest football player robbie keane Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Robbie Keane

You may be surprised to see Robbie Keane has transfer value higher than Zinedine Zidane, but indeed it is a fact. Robbie Keane often move the club, thus making the total value of the transfer becomes very expensive.


Wolverhampton Wanderes to Coventry City, € 9,000,000

Coventry City to Inter Milan, € 19,500,000

Inter Milan to Leeds United, € 18,000,000

Leeds United to Tottenham Hotspur, € 10,500,000

Tottenham Hotspur to Liverpool FC, € 24,000,000

Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur, € 16,700,000

Total transfer cost: € 97,700,000

costliest football player ronaldo Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time


6 Ronaldo

Ronaldo il Phenomeno is the most feared strikers of his generation and bring Brazil won the world cup 2002. Ronaldo was ranked sixth in the list of costliest football player of all time.


Cruzeiro to PSV Eindhoven, € 5,475,000

PSV Eindhoven to FC Barcelona, € 15,000,000

FC Barcelona to Inter Milan, € 28,000,000

Inter Milan to Real Madrid, € 45 million

Real Madrid to AC Milan, € 7,500,000

Total transfer cost: € 100,975,000

5 Cristiano Ronaldo

costliest football player cristiano ronaldo Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player in the world after being purchased by Real Madrid from Manchester United at a cost of € 94 million. This is the highest cost incurred by a club to buy a player. Never become the best player in the world, Ronaldo has speed and high football technique which is great for a football player. Being a top score La Liga 2010/2011 season proved that he deserved to be one of the most expensive player in the world.


Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United, € 17,500,000

Manchester United to Real Madrid, € 94 million

Total transfer cost: € 111,500,000

4 Juan Sebastian Veron

costliest football player veron Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Juan Sebastian Veron

Juan Sebastian Veron to be one of the best midfielders owned Argentina, though not a scorer, but he is one of the best midfielder of his generation. Several times the defense giants made him ranked fourth in this list.


Estudiantes to Boca Juniors, € 2,200,000

Boca Juniors to Sampdoria Genoa?

Sampdoria Genoa Lazio Roma, € 30,000,000

Rome Lazio to Manchester United, € 42,600,000

Manchester United to Chelsea FC, € 22,500,000

Chelsea to Inter Milan.

Inter Milan to Estudiantes, € 2,200,000

Total transfer cost: € 117 million

3 Hernan Crespo

costliest football player hernan crespo Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Hernan Crespo

One more player who became Argentina’s most expensive player in history, Hernan Crespo is still playing and do not know when to stop playing.


River Plate FC Parma, € 4,000,000

FC Parma to Lazio Roma, € 55,000,000

Lazio Roma to Inter Milan, € 36,000,000

Inter Milan to Chelsea FC, € 26,000,000

Total transfer cost: € 121 million

2 Nicolas Anelka

costliest football player nicolas anelka Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka is a French and currently plays for Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League. Nicolas Anelka often moves the club, so he was ranked second in this list. Although not acquire personal accomplishments, but he is one of the costliest player of all time.


Arsenal FC to Real Madrid, € 35 million

Real Madrid FC Paris Saint-Germain, € 34,500,000

Paris Saint-Germain FC to FC Liverpool, € 1.4 million (loan)

FC Paris Saint-Germain to Manchester City, € 19,800,000

Manchester City to Fenerbahce Istanbul, € 5,500,000

Istanbul’s Fenerbahce to Bolton Wanderers, € 12,000,000

Bolton Wanderers FC Chelsea, € 19,900,000

Total transfer cost: € 128,600,000

1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

costliest football player ibrahimovic Top 10 Costliest Football Players of all time

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic Sweden and is currently playing for AC Milan. Ibrahimovic has all the talent he needs to be a successful footballer. Have the skills, techniques and great physical make Ibrahimovic became one of the best striker at the moment.


Malmo FF for Ajax Amsterdam, € 7,800,000

Ajax to Juventus Turin, € 25,000,000

Turin Juventus to Inter Milan, € 24,800,000

Inter Milan to FC Barcelona, € 69.5 million (€ 49.5 million plus Samuel Eto’o)

FC Barcelona to AC Milan, € 24 million (Milan obliged to buy him at the beginning of next season)

Total transfer cost: € 150,600,000

List of costliest football player of all time this could change at any time, we know the current Real Madrid and Manchester City are the two clubs are crazy transfer. Perhaps in some future time they will provide new surprises.

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